Alumnae Membership

Sylvia Ross Toney
Eta Mu Sigma Anti-Basileus

Greetings from our Membership Chair, 

The Eta Mu Sigma Chapter is a group of women that work hard in the community. We take pride in serving the community that we live in and giving back where we believe we will make the biggest impact. Our chapter currently consists of over 35 professional women from many walks of life that have made it their priority to be great leaders. If you feel that the Eta Mu Sigma Chapter is a fit for you please contact us so that we can connect. Visit our Events page for more opportunities to stay connected.


Are you looking to reactivate? We would be happy to welcome our Sorors back home! We have so many fun and exciting things in store for this sorority year and we don’t want to leave you out!

If you have any questions regarding membership contact,


I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Sylvia Ross Toney